3vandaag (3today) is all about the love for music. In the past we used to sit down together en play records way into the night. Sometimes this happened in silence. But most of the times these records were accompanied by short stories explaining why this particular record had to be played there and then. This explanation inspired the others to pich and play the next record, accompanied by the next story. In this way we shared our love for the music and we exchanged new ‘discoveries’.

But time goes on. Jobs, relationships, children and other things that bring colour to our lives make it increasingly harder to meet each other on that couch in front of the recordplayer. Although this is understandable, and in most cases a good thing, it doesn’t interfere with our love for music, the need to share this love and the drive to tell the stories that go with those songs.

3vandaag tries to be a platform for all of this. We share music and stories. We react to the music and stories of others and we invite others, like you, to participate. So, please enjoy the music and feel free to participate.

If you are a musician and you want us to play your music on 3vandaag, or if you have any other reason to contact us, please do so:  3vandaag@live.nl.